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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  August 23, 2010 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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the interview with the florida billionaire. why is iran flexing its muscles and any hope that next week's peace talks will bring peace? and katrina five years later. >> it's not about rich people, poor people. it's about people. >> we need help, sir. we really do. we need help. >> with us, nbc nightly news anchor and managing editor, brian williams. and good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. immigration and border security could well decide tomorrow's republican primary in arizona. senator john mccain has made a hard move to the right to counter former congressman j.d. haywor hayworth. mccain has a 20-point lead after spending $21 million on the primary battle alone. the tea party favorite isn't going down without a fight. nbc's kelly o'donnell is live in
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phoenix and interviewed john mccain. what's the senator have to say about this big move on immigration? >> reporter: well, john mccain bristles when he's challenged about moving hard to the right. that's criticism he's been taking for quite a while now and he argues against it. it's a more nuance position. in interviewing him i think he threaded a needle perhaps. what he basically is saying is that he's always supported trying to have a secure border fence. that's his view. and that now his emphasis has changed. that's his word. emphasis has changed to be more focused on what the people of arizona want because of changing conditions. back in 2006 when he worked with ted kennedy to try to create comprehensive immigration reform including a path to citizenship, he said times have changed. the people of arizona want it to be a harder line on the border issue. because he represents them, he says, he has to have that as his own priority. so that's what mccain is saying about immigration right now.
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of course it has attracted a lot of attention. the certainly a lot of criticism from his opponent, j.d. hayworth. >> i would say a certain amount of emphasis has changed with the changing situation. with the rising violence in mexico and on that side of the border and increasing fear and concern and there's legitimate fear that people are genuinely worried about their personal safety. you can argue and secretary napolitano can argue whether that concern is legitimate but it's there. it's their priority so it has to be my priority. >> reporter: i also asked mccain if he believes the 12 million or so illegal immigrants that are in the country now would need to be deported. he said many of them would not but that issue shouldn't even be dealt with until the border is secure. that's kind of the progress on his views. he does acknowledge he changed with the times but doesn't like
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to be accused of being harder right than he once was. that's the drama in this race. >> if you take a look at the last ad, the closing ad, let's play a little bit of that. because he seems to be trying to -- it's clear that he's along the border but he seems to be trying to broaden the message. let's watch. >> rebuilding of our economy and security of our nation and our border and the safety of every citizen in arizona. i proudly stood up for our state and never backed down. i appreciate your support. i ask for your vote. >> that is very different from an earlier ad. 21 million as you report buys you a lot of advertising. this ad drew a lot of attention. did lead a lot of people to say he was moving. let's watch. >> we got the right plan? >> plan is perfect. you bring troops, state, county,
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and local law enforcement together. >> and complete the dang fence. >> it will work this time. senator, you're one of us. >> that was pretty maremarkable kelly. >> complete the dang fence will be the quote of quotes of mccain in this election cycle to be sure. what i was going to say is the $21 million buys you tons of advertising. he can do that more positive closing message and he tried to hammer away his position on immigration and saying that he can stand up to it try to help secure the border. he always points to the work he's done with fellow senator jon kyl on trying to bring more troops to the border. mccain said he felt vulnerable, understood because he campaigned for president and had been away from the state and that people felt he was not as connected as he should be, so that he's tried to be everywhere he could to earn the vote. that's the sense you get from him. he acknowledges he was once
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vulnerable and now says he's very confident. when i said why did you spend so much money? he said we thought that's what we needed to do to win. >> and that's what he needed to do to counteract the tag line from our next guest, j.d. h hayworth who says he would be a consistent conservative. the implication being that if john mccain is returned to the senate, that he will revert back and not be as hardline as a lot of people now think that he has been portraying himself. thank you. look forward to your reporting in the next 48 hours on john mccain and j.d. hayworth. after mr. hayworth, we'll stop in florida. plus, coming up, iran preparing to fire up its first nuclear power plant. we'll get reaction from israel's ambassador to the united states. more than a half billion eggs have now been pulled off the shelves. is the government doing enough to keep our food safe? for strong bones, i take calcium.
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>> i'm not in the position to see jeff greene as nominee for democrats here in florida. his record and commitment to public service is just not there. i couldn't bring myself to support jeff greene or charlie crist or mark arubio. >> kendrick meek has been in congress for eight years. he authored 77 bills. not a single bill has been passed. >> and that of course kendrick meek and jeff greene. kendrick meek talking to chuck todd earlier. florida democrats are deciding which of these they want to run against republican mark arubio and independent governor charlie crist running for re-election as an independent.
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neither candidate is pulling any punches. this is as norah o'donnell has been covering one of the nastiest races we've seen. you got into it with both of them. jeff greene claims he's not the man of the yachts and celebrities and lindsay lohans that some people are portraying him to be. what's the truth there? >> reporter: that's right, andrea. this is one of the nastiest primary battles in florida history. these two democrats are in a knockdown, dragout fight for this nomination. kendrick meek, the congressman who says he's the candidate of the middle class. clearly a knock at his opponent, the self-made billionaire, jeff greene, who boasts about his wealth. he doesn't hide from it. in fact, he's bankrolled his own campaign with some $23 million of his own money. he's gone pretty negative in this contest.
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the latest poll shows him down about ten points now. that's actually a shift from just a couple weeks ago. it looks like kendrick meek is up about ten points according to latest poll. there was also a mason dixon poll that had him up 12 points. in spending time with both of these candidates yesterday is how much they really dislike each other. i would go so far as to say they can't stand one another. kendrick meek calls him a bad man. a bad person. how could he have mike tyson as his best man. what does that say to women in this state. jeff greene saying that meek is a corrupt politician in office for eight years and hasn't gotten a single bill passed and then jeff greene says mike tyson, he met his wife at a barbecue that mike tyson had. that's why he was best man and as for lindsay lohan, she needed a place to stay over new year's.
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really, it is fascinating the difference in this race. as jeff greene says it's not an ego trip for him. he does want to change. he's worried about his young son and i don't have to tell you but in florida this is one of the hardest hit high unemployment numbers and record foreclosures. >> the yacht is certainly a symbol there for anybody who wants to see it. norah o'donnell, thank you very much. what a fun race. and for more on florida and the mid terms, let's bring in charlie cook. for democrats, the fact that jeff greene is likely behind meek is not good news if they really want to defeat mark arubio. you have a three-way cube here. >> right. jeff greene is just a really rich guy who nobody politically had ever heard of. parachutes into the race. starts spending $20 million and for a time pulled up into first place.
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kendrick meek is a quality congressman. good guy. but the thing about it is it's really clear that meek has no chance whatsoever of winning this general election and so democrats sort of quietly are rooting for greene, the guy they don't like, who is the weakest because democratic party nationally could walk away from jeff greene without looking back with no conscious whatsoever. you have a well regarded african-american congressman and even though he can't win, they can't dis him. it's clear that charlie crist if elected would sit with democrats. the best hotshot they've got is with the independent candidate as opposed to the democratic candidate. >> what about mccain and hayworth? the fact that john mccain spent a fortune, $21 million now on re-election. >> this proves that campaigns can matter. that in a year when robert bennett, a very conservative senator from utah can't even get on a primary ballot, someone who
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has been the maverick and done campaign finance reform and other things like john mccain has, ought to be a sitting duck but they saw they had problems early. they co-oped the people that could have hurt them. it looks like mccain will win with points he could have loss. >> spending $21 million for john mccain. >> politicians, you know, it's about survival. you do what it takes when you have to do it. and john mccain a willing to do what it takes to win. >> speaking of survival, your latest readings on the senate show you have a lot of democrats in tossup states who should not have been in this much trouble. >> right. this is -- republicans need a ten-seat net gain to get a majority. we think four, five, six seven. what republicans need to have happen is they needed to get
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incumbents like barbara boxer in california, ross feingold in wisconsin, patty murray in washington state, into tough, tight races. they've done that. there has been erosion. harry reid looked like he was dead. seems to be coming back from the dead and maybe slightly favored. the florida situation very much up in the air. and what looked like a placebo would win as a republican in kentucky and will rand paul be able to win? it's a lot of it coming together for republicans but not all of it has come together for them yet. >> your bet right now is that you have 35 to 45 conservative call on that? >> our 35 to 45. 39 tips the house over. 35 to 45 is sort of all politics as local race by race. frankly i think it will go higher. >> you think the house is going to go -- likely the tip
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than not but the senate will probably be short. >> coming up, president obama's mosque missteps exacerbate tensions with congressional democrats. glen thrush has the inside story on that. wait until you see what happened in chile with the 33 miners. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. ♪ now the healing power of touch just got more powerful. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving cream works quickly to activate sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals fast for relief you can feel precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol. with their autobahn for all event. it ends soon. they got great prices. cars built for the autobahn. people are gonna be driving crazy in the jetta...
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to pay $10 a month with the onglyza value card program. until the combination of three good probiotics in phillips' colon health defended against the bad gas, diarrhea and constipation. ...and? it helped balance her colon. oh, now that's the best part. i love your work. [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. president obama's comments on that proposed islamic center in lower manhattan are generating a lot of criticisms from top democrats who bear the brunt of the president's statements and misstatements perhaps at the polls this november. the state department trip overseas, the center's imam discussed the roots of his religion. >> for many people that do not understand islam, muslims do not appear in the western media to act in a way that leads them to
1:20 pm
believe that islam is a religion of peace. our faith is a religion not only of spirituality of ethics and morality but also the rule of law. >> politico's senior reporter glen thrush joining us. imam was speaking on a state department trip as you know. this has just blown up into -- not just an august political storm because with 9/11 controversy and fact that it's happening in the senator of the media world in new york city, this is not going away. >> it's like a three legged stool. it has republicans pushing this thing because it revives the 9/11 stature which puts them back in sort of the 2004 campaign mindset. democrats on the hill are running away from it. the president alienated a lot of the senior leadership by not giving them a heads-up on this and also it just sort of
1:21 pm
resonates nationally with folks who don't really understand what all of this is about. >> first of all, the record of this imam, if you read what he's written and fact that he comes from the sect that has been a bridge builder in new york city and worked with george w. bush, with karen hughes, even though karen came out in her op-ed in "the washington post" yesterday and said out of respect for muslims involved in the project, the initiative should move. the question is where should they move? they have been in new york city 12 blocks from what is now ground zero forever. >> i started my career down there and spent time working in city hall in new york city, there's an islamic center on chamber street and a ton of muslim employees down there. it would be one thing if there was no muslims in lower manhattan but a lot of people work there. i think the sense is locally the
1:22 pm
community board, local governance voted unanimously almost for this thing. sense is if they live there and work there, let them worship there. >> it's all pretty remarkable, glenn. thank you very much for your reporting on all this. in arizona with senator john mccain holding what is now a dominating lead in the primary polls, his campaign spokesman is calling rival j.d. hayworth deader than elvis. former congressman j.d. hayworth is very much alive and hoping for an upset. thank you for joining us. the polls aren't great for you. let's put that out there. he's outspent you $21 million to $2.5 million. what's going on here and how do you think you've got a chance tomorrow with the election? >> andrea, you see the tape set for one of the greatest upsets in american political history. it will take place precisely because john mccain is so disconnected from arizona voters.
1:23 pm
you talked about it earlier with kelly and with charlie. here's mr. campaign finance reform who used to lecture us about evils of big money spending $21 million trying to buy this election. the election is not going to be bought. the people of arizona are not going to be bought. not only was john mccain wrong on amnesty, he was wrong on the bailouts. he's been wrong on cap and trade and he even voted against the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 that i championed. he's tried to reverse himself on all those issues and i don't believe that arizona conservatives and arizona republicans will buy that tomorrow. that's why you need to keep your eye on this race because we are going to pull a huge upset. >> if you pull this off, we'll be talking to you every day for the next couple of months. let's take a look at your final ad. you did have enough money for this ad. i want to ask you about this particular advertisement.
1:24 pm
let's watch. >> mccain's amnesty bill cost $3.6 trillion rewarding illegal aliens with benefits. j.d. hayworth wrote the book on securing our border and is endorsed by the sheriff. >> it does seem to suggest that advertisement that the so-called amnesty bill is a current bill and not a 2007 bill that was endorsed supported, embraced by none other than george w. bush. is that quite fair? >> of course it is fair. that's the record. and the folks should change their name to politics contortion. he's a proponent of amnesty. he sent out a denial and then in the next paragraph he says these people should be granted concessions and we should move
1:25 pm
to regularize their status. you were covering washington in 1986. what was the watch word that year? regular rise the status of those here illegally. when you have chuck schumer saying that john mccain was his model, his mentor on comprehensive immigration reform and you have president obama giving he ining him a shout-out what supposed to be the major presidential address on immigration and when you have robert gibbs saying we need the old john mccain back and then icing on the cake, lindsey graham admitting to the new york post that john mccain has a tough primary and has to stay silent on those subject. there's a preponderance of evidence that john mccain is trying to buy this election and fool the people of arizona and i don't think conservatives will be fooled tomorrow and we'll make history. >> what about mccain saying to
1:26 pm
kelly o'donnell that the situation on the ground has changed and he's changed based on how arizonaians are viewing the border. >> let's drill down on his answer. he starts by saying the poll tested phrase we must secure the border and then a couple paragraphs in what does he say? yeah. we need comprehensive immigration reform. that's a code term for amnesty. and it's real simple for arizona voters. if they want to be double-crossed again by john mccain who will rush across the aisle to again work for amnesty, they can vote for him tomorrow but i don't think they want an expensive impersonation of a conservative. they want a consistent conservative and that's why we're poised to make political history. >> j.d. hayworth, we'll be watching. thank you very much. coming up next, a bizarre turn of events for the founder of wikileaks. plus, nbc's brian williams five
1:27 pm
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right now, an amazing survival story in chile. as you can see loved ones celebrating after 33 miners are found alive after being trapped below ground for more than two weeks. it may take until christmas for rescuers to drill a hole wide enough to get them all out. officials are able to get food and water to the men. they are worried about their mental health. understandably. the international community is stepping up its efforts to help pakistan as it braces for more flooding. 6 million people already homeless desperate for food and clean water. diseases are becoming a growing threat. u.s. is sending supplies and $150 million to support relief
1:31 pm
efforts. >> the extent of the damage just visually was every bit as epic and devastating as you would imagine. miles and miles and miles as far as you could see for the whole several hours as we were flying around. agricultural fields under water. roads and bridges under water. roads disrupted by water. impossible to move people or food or supplies out. >> contaminated eggs linked to 1,300 cases of salmonella poisoning. more than a half billion eggs recalled already. today the head of the drug and food administration said that she expects more to come. as we move forward we may see s subrecalls over the next couple days as we better understand the sort of network of distribution of these eggs that are potentially contaminated.
1:32 pm
>> skicientists are seeing a growing rate of rectal cancer of people under 40 but do not know what's causing it. this study was done in philadelphia. authors of the study warn that kind of cancer is so rare in people so young. around 1 in 90,000 people. five years ago this week hurricane katrina made landfall leading to an unprecedented disaster in new orleans and across the gulf coast. brian williams is the anchor and managing editor of "nbc nightly news." you have visited the coast many times over the last five years and will mark that anniversary this week. watching you going back and trying to understand how people have coped and what the impact of this is, what have we leshed five years later. >> we put together an hour that will reair later this week on msnbc.
1:33 pm
we'll tell everybody when. i've been telling viewers as counterintuitive as this sounds, i want folks to go back to that period five years ago. i want people to get angry and sad all over again. look at these clips. and hear the people and hear the suffering and the heartache because that's a useful emotion. we tend to gauze up our memories and fuzzy up the past just in order to feel better so i think we've learned a number of things but i also think we've watched history repeat itself. what do katrina and the oil spill have in common our seeming inability to fix it and that was so frustrating and continues to be so frustrating. we've got a plume of oil in the gulf the size of the island i am on right now, manhattan. and that's a big problem and something larger we need to talk about i think. >> exactly. and watching last night on the network and the special that's going to be on msnbc, it is so extraordinary to realize that it was five or six days before any
1:34 pm
kind of water or food drops and you were saying where are the supplies? we're in the united states. let's take a laook at some of your reporting from back then. >> i remember seeing wild eyes that day. desperation. the inability to feed yourself or your family. really the common sense switch gets clicked off. and we don't become recognizable to ourselves or our families anymore. >> and you asked how is this possible in the united states? how could we not be sending in water with helicopters overhead. it was just unbelievable and to see it again brought it all back. >> part of my point is what you andvy seen in war zones. think of the precision you have seen used by the u.s. military. they can drop a palette of water or meals ready to eat or tents or supplies on a dime and i was
1:35 pm
just fresh from covering iraq and it was beyond frustrating to watch fellow citizens suffer like that. >> and here's another clip from the special which is going to air on msnbc later this week where people are still not getting the help. it was days afterwards. >> we need help, sir. we really do. we need help. >> i couldn't believe that people were starving and going without water in the united states for lack of an air drop. there was absolutely nothing that would lead you to believe this was the united states. it didn't feel like we were home. >> you brought it back full circle to what we're seeing now with the oil spill. and the importance of maintaining the focus and the attention which you and all of our colleagues, ann thompson, extraordinary work over these
1:36 pm
many months have maintained over there, what can we tell the people of the gulf and people of new orleans about the continued attention of the news media and of their government? >> we're going back down there midweek and we will be down there over the weekend as the anniversary approaches. today's paper in new orleans said this won't happen. we won't continue to get better without it being a priority in this country. you heard many people say if katrina or the oil spill had happened in the hamptons or in nantucket or one of the fancy places on the east coast, the response wouldn't have been the same. i'll leave that to historians. it has to be a priority. it has to matter and get national attention. >> you have been giving it that and bearing witness and in addition to "nightly news" and "meet the press" as well you will host and moderate from new orleans on sunday so look for
1:37 pm
brian and we look forward to special coverage this week on the fifth anniversary of katrina. as we continue to pay attention to this and brian will be anchoring from new orleans. wikileaks founder julian assange suggested to a swedish paper says that it is payback from the pentagon. john burns is the london bureau chief for "the new york times." john joins us now from sweden. thank you very much. we should tell you that we may know this as well as i that the pentagon has pushed back sharply against that saying they had nothing to do with the charges but it seemed to be a bizarre set of circumstances over the weekend to have swedish authorities claim this at all. >> there is some relief for the pentagon on this in a narrow
1:38 pm
sense against the background of hundreds of thousands of secret military documents that wi wikileawic wikileaks has acquired. it comes from people who have been talking directly to julian assange and two women that came forward with these allegations to police and both of those groups, that's to say the prosecutor and people familiar who have talked to hose directly involved, say that this was almost certainly not a dirty tricks operation. this almost certainly had had nothing to do with those secret american military documents. >> has there been any informing from assange or any colleagues in wikileaks as to when they will release the additional documents? he said a week or so ago they were halfway through vetting the 15,000 additional documents and that he was proceeding despite
1:39 pm
attempts by the pentagon to call for him to share his information or let them participate in the vetting. >> he has said that. he said as recently as a week ago that those 15,000 documents are not the only documents he has. he has we believe perhaps several hundred thousand more documents including secret diplomatic cables. he said those 15,000 documents he would release within four weeks. he's an elusive fellow. he was in this city for a couple weeks moving from place to place and charge of rape now dropped and charge of molestation still under investigation by the prosecutor's office will have delayed in some way the vetting that wikileaks said it intends to do on those documents and it may be some time longer before they are posted on the internet.
1:40 pm
>> has anyone explained why they initially came out with these charges and then within 24 hours said that it was a lesser issue and they were still investigating? >> yes. it's an odd story. the facts as we know them or at least as much as i can tell you are these. there were two young women, one about 30, one about 20, both of whom had spent some time with mr. assange. both of who came forward to the prosecutor's office on friday. a duty prosecutor, a junior fellow was on duty. they couldn't find assange and they do what they sometimes do do in these cases without declaring him a fugitive they issued a warrant for his arrest if he didn't himself volunteer to appear at a police station
1:41 pm
which he didn't do. a more senior prosecutor came on duty on saturday and immediately recognized the repercussions of this case, the ones we already discussed in terms of the documents operation, reviewed the case, came on what she describes as new information which she doesn't disclose and decided that there was nothing to substantiate a rape charge. she's not yet investigated as she told me this evening the molestation charge and probably will not do so fully before the end of the week. >> john burns of "the new york times" in stockholm. what a series of events. thank you very much. thank you, john. and coming up next, israel's ambassador to the united states right here on the nuclear standoff with iran and next week's peace talks here in washington with the palestinians. an egyptian fine arts official ordered to jail for four days while police investigate this weekend's theft of a painting worth an estimated
1:42 pm
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>> michael orin is the iranian ambassador to the united states. peace keeper missile, remember that, mx, what is iran trying to do in flexing its muscles despite that economic sanctions are having an impact.
1:46 pm
>> they are trying to extend their influence into this hemisphere through south america. it is supplying hamas in gaza and threatening to wipe israel off the map building a missile system to reach every state in the middle east and soon can reach western europe in another few years, united states as well. that iran and i think the reason they gave that name to its new unmanned airplane, ambassador of death, because they want to bring that message to neighboring states in the middle east and beyond. >> are you disappointed that russians proceeded and let the power plant get fired up or proceed to be fired up and be completed as it was? >> we're disappointed to say the least that a regime that's lied about his program and violated four u.n. security council resolutions about its nuclear
1:47 pm
program that that regime is being rewarded with a nuclear power plant. there are reasons for concern. >> russia says they will be supervising and trading out spent fuel. there's some supervision on that front. let me switch you to the middle east mini summit, resumption of direct talks next week. the president invited everyone and the acceptances are there but there are a lot of obstacles. first of all, the message from the palestinians to the white house which is pretty clear that if the moratorium on the freeze, settlements freeze, expires and is lifted as it is scheduled to, september 26th, that these talks might last through all of two weeks before a walkout. is there any intention by israel to informally at least not continue with building settlements while these talks or at least proving whether they can be productive. >> there are no ends of obstacles on the route to peace.
1:48 pm
we're committed to rising to that challenge and overcoming it with palestinian negotiators together with american mediators. we've had this freeze for nine months now. palestinian leadership did not avail themselves of that opportunity while it existed and they say they won't negotiate now if it's not extended. everybody in this negotiation has objectives. we want a peace to conclude with demilitarized palestinian state and palestinian state that recognizes the home of the jewish people. we're not couching these objectives as preconditions. we appreciate it when secretary of state hillary clinton said that the negotiations would proceed without preconditions and we strongly recommend to our palestinian partners in this peace process they don't put preconditions on the negotiations.
1:49 pm
>> is benjamin netanyahu able to say to his israeli coalition saying this deal is worth it. we have security guarantees. can he sell something at home if it's negotiated at the table? >> he can but he can't do it alone. israel withdraw from lebanon several years back and instead peace it got rockets. we understand that we'll have to make painful sacrifices for this peace. we'll have to withdraw and we can't get rockets this time. we have to get peace. benjamin netanyahu is the leader strong enough to bring about this peace but palestinians have to convince the israel people that they mean real peace this time. >> there's been relative security with the exception of the gaza incident that we'll get to another type perhaps but there's been relative security and not the kinds of attacks that we saw in the past.
1:50 pm
is this moment despite all of the obstacles, is there a moment for peace? >> iran has its primary energy and the administration off very deeply committed. so, yes, it is a good moment and there is reason for optimism. >> to be continued. ambassador, thank you very much. it was a primary day, that's next. ou going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go.
1:51 pm
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betty white has done it again. now the 89-year-old has won a creative arts emmy last night
1:54 pm
for hosting "saturday night live." she pulled in huge ratings as the oldest host in the show's history, a fact that didn't get past her during that monologue. >> people say, but betty, facebook is a great way to connect with old friends. at my age, if i want to connect with old friends, i need a ouiji board. >> and now an emmy. which political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? chris cillizza, author of the fix blog joins us now, you're my candidate on an emmy. you got my vote. florida, final push, what are you looking at? >> i think the big story tomorrow will probably be john mccain, just because of the 2008 presidential campaign, but he is going to win that race. it's just a debate by how much. i'm looking at florida, i always
1:55 pm
find florida fascinating not just because it's chuck todd's home state. we have two big self funders, jeff green on the democratic side running for senate, and i think jeff greene's time has come. but rick scott versus bill mccomb, state attorney general now running for governor, polling all over the place, i'm just fascinated to see what happens, that's why i love elections. >> we'll be tracking that closely and talk to you tomorrow. that does it for this edition of andr"andrea mitchell reports." on what the mosque controversy is doing to america's image abroad. and here is lynne berry up next. hi there andrea, and hi there to all of you at home. more on that remarkable story, 33 miners in chile, all found
1:56 pm
alive after being trapped for 17 days in a gold mine. we're going to talk to a mine expert about how long it could be before they're rest cued. and more than 30 member of an oregon high school football team all sick with the very same illness. that and much more, we hope you stick around with us. [ engine turns over ] [ armstrong ] in 20 years of cycling, even when i was ahead, i was always behind. ♪ behind cars... behind trucks... behind those guys... tailpipe... [ clucking ] ...after tailpipe after tailpipe... [ engines rev ] ...until now. ♪ the 100% electric... no-tailpipe nissan leaf. innovation for the planet.
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♪ [ male announcer ] he's sweet, even with 1/3 less sugar than soda. kool-aid delivering more smiles per gallon. hello, everyone, i'm lynne berry in for tamron hall who's on assignment. miracle in chile, 33 miners found alive after a 17-day search. whe plus 22 states, more than half a billion eggs. that massive egg recall now stretching from coast to coast and growing bigger each day. and a team of high school football players all sick with the same rare illness, even a doctor calls it very


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